As a patient does it really matters whether your health care needs are coined by the terms Volume based or Value Based Healthcare.Yes, definitely it is.A value-based approach is designed around patients. As a patient, one benefits from the coordination work between the healthcare personals who cares for you and the technology that connects you and your healthcare providers with necessary vital information to help you get the right care at their hands.

Value-based care is increasingly becoming a solution that addresses rising health care costs, clinical inefficiency and thereby making it easier for people to get the care they need and deserve. In value-based models, the healthcare personals and hospitals are equipped for helping to keep people healthy and for improving the health of those who have chronic conditions in an evidence-based and in a cost-effective way.

Kraftvoll offers a solution to design, administer and optimize pay-for-value programs. The Kraftvoll Solutions are built on a Partnership Platform to support automated healthcare data exchange between payers and health care providers.Success in value-based care system is attributed to clinical data integration and continuous population monitoring which increases the effectiveness of health management.