Value Based Healthcare Solutions

Kraftvoll solves for the needs of providers, hospital systems and payers in the transition to value-based care.

We empower clients with technology, healthcare data, analytics and care management services to strategically expand market opportunity, diversify revenue streams and reduce the cost of care


ePRO – Electronic Patient Reported Outcome has become indispensable in HealthCare.Patient self-reported data are playing a key role in efficacy and quality of life assessment, symptom and safety information and in helping the physicians to be aware of the overall health status of a patient while in treatment and in the out of treatment regime as well.A patient helps by himself by regular documentation of one’s well-being as the physicians could educate or take the necessary steps by monitoring the ePROs and thereby help in balancing the quality of life.


CANKADO is an established state-of-the-art platform technology build by us. The CANKADO platform is intended to be used for routine care as well as in clinical trials. Based on the platform technology individual solutions can be implemented either with CANKADO, as linked solutions or as an independent service. Te whole platform is developed according to ISO-9001, ISO-27001, ISO-13485, GAMP-5 and HIPAA.