Our Approach

Provide value-based healthcare services accessible and affordable so that quality care is delivered at the right time to achieve the best possible outcomes

Our approach often begins with educational sessions. These sessions are vital to introducing clients to the real meaning of “value” in healthcare and what implementation of an Value based HealthCare based approach looks like in practice most importantly, outcomes. Ease the transition to value-based models by developing an end-to-end strategy for value-based care and implementing .

Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team with a strong background in computer science, psychology and medicine. Building your solutions means to understand your needs and to come up with concepts covering your aims.


Prof. Dr. Timo Schinköthe


Timo is the CEO at KraftVoll Technologies LLC. Prior founding KraftVoll, Timo was director of several healthcare and biotechnology companies. Timo studied biology with a focus on genetic and biochemistry, computer sciences and holds a doctoral degree in medicine.


Baiju Rahman

Vice President, Technology

Baiju is Vice President of Technology at KraftVoll Technologies, overseeing all technology operations including the development and delivery of technology solutions both internally and with customers. Baiju has over a decade of experience with the implementation and support of IT solutions in the highly regulated healthcare industries. Prior to joining KraftVoll, Baiju has held positions in software development and business development.


Abhishek Lal

Managing Director, India

Abhishek is the Managing Director of KraftVoll Technologies in India.He is a Software Professional by himself with a taste for Entrepreneurship and has managed his own IT businesses in the past. He continues to lead the Software Division in India for KraftVoll apart from managing the Unit.